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Southern California Veterinary Surgical Group specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of surgically managed diseases. We utilize specialized, advanced, equipment to assist in the diagnosis and /or treatment of a wide variety of orthopedic, neurologic, thoracic and abdominal disorders.


Our Animal Health Technicians and staff members have received specialized training in the field of veterinary surgical practice. Their personal and sensitive nursing care has helped to establish our reputation for excellent in-hospital and post surgical service.


[5K JPG] - Tommy Walker, DVM MS

Tommy Walker, DVM MS
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine:
Texas A&M University, June 1974

Neurology Residency:
Auburn University, 1975-1977

Surgical Residency:
University of Tennessee, 1978-1981

Associate Professor:
University of Tennessee
Associate Professor of Surgery, 1981-1989

Dr. Tommy L. Walker is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons who specializes in small animal neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. Through his work for his Masters and Veterinary Medical degrees in Texas, and his faculty positions at Auburn University and the University of Tennessee, Dr. Walker has contributed dozens of scientific articles and book chapters to the veterinary literature. He has served on numerous editorial review boards, and actively lectures in the United States and Western Europe on state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic and surgical techniques.

Through his practice in Southern California, he actively participates with area humane societies and animal rescue leagues to rehabilitate injured animals for pet adoption and serves as a consultant for both private and institutional animal foundations.

[8K JPG] - Peter L. Vogel, VMD Staff Surgeon

Peter L. Vogel, VMD Staff Surgeon
Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania, May 1990

California Animal Hospital
Department of Surgery, 1990-1991

Surgical Residency:
University of California, Davis, 1991-1994

Dr. Peter Vogel received extensive training in orthopedic, neurosurgical, abdominal, and thoracic surgery during his residency. He has also received advanced training in critical care, wound management, fracture management and microvascular surgery.

Dr. Vogel lectures on state-of-the-art veterinary medicine both locally and internationally. He works with Greyhound rescue groups to rehabilitate injured animals and facilitate their adoptions. In addition, he is currently involved in ongoing research aimed at developing synthetic bone substitutes.

[7K JPG] - Rebecca J. Ringwald, DVM Staff Surgeon

Rebecca J. Ringwald, DVM Staff Surgeon
Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
Purdue University, May 1982

University of Illinois, 1982-1983

Surgical Residency:
The Ohio State University, 1983-1986

Dr. Rebecca Ringwald brings a wide array of experience in small animal surgery to this practice. Her areas of interest include cardiothoracic and soft tissue surgery, care of the critically ill patient and client communication.

[6K JPG] - Steven M. Hanson, DVM MS

Stephen M. Hanson, DVM MS
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Neurology)

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine:
Purdue University, May, 1992

Kansas State University, 1992-1993

Neurology/Neurosurgical Residency:
Colorado State University, 1993-1996

Dr. Hanson is a Diplomate of the Neurology subspecialty of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He has extensive training and experience in both the medical and surgical management of animals with neurological diseases. Dr. Hanson has studied nerve regeneration at the Center for Paralysis Research at Purdue University and investigated muscular dystrophy during his residency.


Our Irvine hospital utilizes the most sophisticated diagnostic, patient monitoring and surgical equipment available. Our hospital area allows constant monitoring of our surgical cases with large, grassy areas for exercise and a hydrotherapy unit for more targeted therapy, when indicated. Clients are strongly encouraged to tour our facility and meet our staff.

This investment in time and facilities, and our team approach to case management, have been responsible for our excellent record of surgical successes.


Orthopedic Surgery
Reconstructive Joint Surgery
Total Hip Replacement
Thoracic/Cardiovascular Surgery
Abdominal Surgery
Reconstructive Ear Surgery
Oncologic (Cancer) Surgery


Lameness Diagnostics
Radiography and Myelography
Broncoscopy and Endoscopy
MRI and CT scans
Nuclear Medicine


Patients are seen by appointment. Consultation appointments may be made by your veterinarian or yourself, with one half hour being allotted for an initial evaluation. Please let us know as soon as possible should it be necessary for you to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

When preparing for an initial consultation, it is very important to obtain copies of all pertinent information including labwork, radiography and previous treatments from your referring veterinarian. In many cases, this information will enable our doctors to complete a diagnostic evaluation without necessitating duplicate testing.

If special diagnostics or surgery are a possible consideration, food should be withheld from your pet after midnight the evening prior to your appointment day.


While our fees for services are usual and customary, an estimate will be provided to you prior to the admission of your pet for diagnostics and/or surgery. A deposit is required at the time of admission to our facility.


The majority of cases seen at Southern California Surgical Group are referred by a general practitioner. Optimal patient care requires mutual communication between the client, specialist and referring veterinarian regarding the patient’s medical history, previous schedules of treatment and specific medications used is beneficial to our overall case management.

Upon completion of the consultation or recovery from surgery, your referring veterinarian will be contacted by telephone and/or with a complete written report regarding the management of your pet. Your veterinarian will administer your pet’s primary health care for many years to come and, thus, it is important for you to maintain an ongoing association with him/her. Referring a difficult case displays a true concern for the well being of your pet.


Southern California Surgical Group has a member of its surgical staff on call at all times to perform emergency surgical and/or diagnostic procedures, or to assist you with answering any questions that may arise regarding the care of the pet. We understand that when an emergency arises, this ability to contact a member of our surgical team is of the utmost importance to the health and welfare of your pet.

Our facility is staffed on a 24-hour basis thereby eliminating the need to have your critically ill or injured animal transported to an emergency facility for overnight monitoring.

All emergency cases will be seen on a priority basis.

Southern California Veterinary Surgical Group is conveniently located in Orange County near the John Wayne Airport and the intersections of the 405, 55, and 5 freeways. Our location enables us to provide immediate access to laboratory facilities and the canine blood bank. In any surgical or diagnostic situation, with time being of the essence, this closeness in proximity to both of these facilities enables us to both identify any potential problems and to expedite treatment.

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